Hosting a Green Meeting

A Green Meeting is defined by Environment Canada as:

A green meeting ensures that all aspect of an event, including its location, food services, transportation and the procurement of goods and services are approached with a pollution prevention perspective in mind in order to reduce its overall environmental impact.

Our commitment to the environment is evidenced today with these efforts:

  1. Email will be the only means of communications to announce the meeting, accept nominations and confirm participant invitations;
  2. All meeting materials will be available on the meeting web site and we will limit handouts;
  3. Post-meeting evaluation forms will be electronic;
  4. Shuttle transportation will be available from two points in Montreal;
  5. We encourage the use of local products in the event menus, and have at least one event that showcases local delicacies;
  6. We will provide collection boxes for name tags and holders at the conclusion of the event to recycle the paper and reuse the holders;
  7. Our signage is reusable;
  8. Recycling bins will be easy to locate at the venue;
  9. All dishes, cutlery and linens in the dining room will be reusable;
  10. We encourage all of you to reuse your in-room towels and linens during your stay;
  11. We ask that you turn off the lights and reduce the heating in your room when at the meeting;
  12. No water bottles will be in use during the meeting. Pitchers of water will be available in the meeting rooms.

Please help us to host an environmentally friendly meeting! Your comments and suggestions are also welcome.

Have a great meeting!

Source: Government of Canada’s Green Meeting Guide, v. 2, August 2007.